Radon Testing

Drougas Inspections follows EPA guide lines for conducting Radon air and water testing. I have been certified to do Radon testing and analysis for over 10 years by the National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program.

These qualifications are not required by the State of New Hampshire, just by me. We follow certified level testing requirements by having the equipment calibrated every year. We also send in 4 Radon canisters every 100 tests, or 3 times a year for Spiking Tests. This is where a known level of Radon is exposed, to ensure I am calculating the same results. We are the only ones who place and collect the canisters, which then go directly to our lab. There is no one else handling the equipment. I ensure that the proper protocols are followed for the test site. In addition, I closely follow and subscribe to multiple avenues of Radon proficiency and awareness information through newsletters, emails and web sites.



Canisters must sit for at least 2 days detecting any Radon gas in the air. The canisters I use can actually sit for weeks. Canisters are secured with coded ties to prevent removal and tampering. The test can be started before the inspection (and collected at the inspection) or placed at the inspection (and collected later). Test results are ready the day the canisters are collected.

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Specific Tests